Hey there, I’m Tiffani Given. I’m a photographer working and living in Spokane, WA.

I specialize in both portrait and lifestyle photography. My goal is to be become more than just your photographer. If it’s your wedding day, your senior session, or a time you just want to get in front of the camera and get told your beautiful I want to capture it all. I am extremely passionate and strive to make each and every client of mine feel beautiful, special, and cared about. If you think we will connect well, what are you waiting for?! Let’s get coffee and chat about your visions!

I love traveling and want to start doing more of it, so if your event is at one of my Bucket List Locations I will offer NO TRAVEL FEES!!

Things that don't really matter but people sometimes like to know:

+ I have a really big passion for fashion #lol.. But seriously I’m obsessed with clothes, shoes, and jewelry

+ I really like cats and dogs, but mostly cats. Like A LOT. I have two precious fur babies that I’m equally in love with.

+ I sing-a-long to almost every song even though I don’t know the words.

+ I'm just an introverted people person :)